Classic Wedding Cars for Weddings

Classic Wedding Cars for Weddings

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What exactly is a classic wedding car, and how much will one cost to hire? These and other questions are covered below.

Classic wedding cars are a popular choice for transport to a wedding. The cars are seen every single week at weddings across the country and are available for hire in a wide range of colours and styles. Along with vintage wedding cars, modern wedding cars and limousines, they are a main choice in the area of UK wedding transport.

But what exactly is a classic wedding car, also, how much do they cost to hire for your wedding day? These and other questions are covered below.

What exactly is a Classic Wedding Car?

The classic wedding car term is normally used to describe vehicles that were manufactured in Europe between 1950 and 1980. Many famous brand names can be found within this category, including but not limited to, Mercedes, Daimler, Bentley, Jaguar and Rolls Royce.

Common in both silver, cream and white, classic wedding cars are also found in a number of other colours, notably gold and black. They are also often, but not always, fully air conditioned and their interiors typically comprising of full leather. Most are hard-topped, but some convertible classic wedding cars can be found.

Almost all classic wedding car hire companies will provide you with a uniformed chauffer who will drive you around on your wedding day and take care of any and all travel problems.

Classic wedding cars are great for all members of the wedding party, but are the best choice in particular for the Groom and Best Man due to the fact that their journey is usually the longest, and the high cruising speed of these vehicles makes for a smooth and speedy journey.

Can the Classic Wedding Car be Decorated for the wedding?

In most cases yes. Some companies will provide the car fully decorated already with ribbons and flowers in the colour to match your wedding included in the price. Other companies may charge extra for any car decoration, restrict what decoration can be added or refuse any decoration altogether. If you are set on having your classic wedding car decorated then make sure you ask the company up front what their policies are in relation to decorations.

What is the Range of Cost to Hire a Classic Car for a Wedding?

The costs of hiring of a chauffer driven classic wedding car can vary greatly and depends on factors like mileage driven and time of hire along with day and date, is it peak time?.

You will be looking at paying somewhere in the area of £300 to £600 depending on the car that you hire.

As some companies include decorative bows, ribbons and even bottles of champagne as inclusive or optional extras. We would recommend you to ask what is included and check the small print to confirm what your quote covers everything you want before booking and paying your deposit.

Classic Wedding Car Top Tips

 Make sure that your driver is familiar with the venue and as such is aware of any potential access issues.

 If you are a Groom looking to calm his nerves with a quick drink or a couple looking to toast their wedding with a drop of champers en route, make sure to check before hand whether your hire car company will be happy for you to have a drink inside the vehicle.

 Confirm before hand if the car can be decorated with ribbons, flowers, bows etc – don't just assume this as a given as some classic wedding car hire companies can be stricter than others.

 If you are interested in an open-topped classic wedding car, make sure you confirm that the roof actually goes up should the heavens open (stranger things have happened!)

 If you are planning to book more than one classic wedding car from the same company, be sure to ask for a discount - most should be willing to offer one, so negotiate hard!


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